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How any task is solved by a universal intellectual system

1. The whole world acts according to some rules, if we say it in mathematical terms, then it is according to some functions. It is possible to create a program that will find and calculate these functions on the basis of mathematical statistics.


2. The task and its solution is the function also, from the point of view of mathematics the same as all others, and if you will create the program mentioned in p.1, then one of the functions found by it will be the function of solving tasks.


3. Among the other functions found by the program of p.1, the function of the problem and solution can be identified by the similarity of values.


4. The consequence of the first three statements is that it is necessary and sufficient to create the prediction program of the byte stream in order to obtain the ultimate goal of the project - the ability to universally solve any task formulated in natural language

(see 4.The prediction)

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